Interactive.. games on a whiteboard = FUN!

I was lucky enough to attend a PD about IWB two practical placements ago and I was absolutely astounded at all the little features it has … like turning your writing into nice and text that all students can read. My previous mentors 5 year old son would spend time in her class every morning and I asked him… yes that is right.. a prep student to show me one thing every morning. I learnt a lot! I believe it also made him feel just a bit special :). Unfortunately that was a year ago now.. and with no practise all those lessons may as well not have happened however I am hoping when I get back into the classroom it may come flooding back.

I decided to have a look on the internet for some resources that will be great to use on the board. I found the bellow

Topmarks –  interactive games for all ages and by subject area.

This website has some free Interactive lessons

Top 10 IWB resources


Ideal resources – Online interactive whiteboard activities, games and worksheets


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